Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Lost & found – the DAH way

If anyone would be likely to have a favourite beaten-up Leica stolen in a Brazilian favela – and returned by hoods a year later with the film still inside – I'd put my money on Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. He explains what happened in this post –

Trouble: once upon a time, i decided to go into a brazilian favela during the carnival... figured this was safe enough...night crowds hustle and bustle and lively celebration... suddenly a hard body bump... i was knocked to the side... a knife slashed the neck strap and camera gone...fast, slick.... well worn beat up leica....my favorite .....

one year later, i returned to the same favela to photograph some boxers....i came in daylight...i made friends with the local "top guy"..i brought him prints of his family....he saw me shooting with a leica....he said "do you always use a camera like that?"....i said "yes, i do"....he said "well, we "found" a camera like that last year during carnival"....i said "really...well, i would love to get that camera back".....three days later, without saying any more, the camera came back to me....with the film still inside!!! circumstances, always the circumstances..
That's how he writes the whole time – a guy with no time to sit still.

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