Thursday, 17 September 2009

After the dance

I love everything about this photograph. It's one of those shots where I think all of the elements fall into place.

Almost every inch of the lower half of the frame has a face in it. If only my timing -- and luck -- were always as good.

It was taken as the crowds milled about after a recent (successful) attempt on the world bhangra dancing record in Birmingham.

At the Synagogue

Recently, Singers Hill Synagogue, Birmingham, opened its doors as part of Heritage Weekend. Built in 1856, Singers Hill is an imposing redbrick Victorian building, designed by Henry Yeoville Thomason, who later designed Birmingham Council House. I spent a Sunday morning there, trying to capture the atmosphere of the place.

The message on the streets...

Sometimes the streets seem to hold a multitude of messages. Thats what struck me about this moment.